Acceptance is a very tricky word. It sounds an extremely simple term in a moment but strangely seems to be the most cumbersome task at some point in life. Human nature is evolved in a manner that every person wants to be loved, admired, and most importantly be included in the circle they are surrounded with. There is constant pressure to be successful, and earn appreciation both in personal and professional life. And why not, after all, we all need to fit in the categories. Isn’t it?

Strangely the answer is No.

The only worthy thing to be considered and which really matters is “Being yourself and the best version of you”.

If you want to chase, choose dreams and not people. Once you pursue towards your goals and ambitions, acceptance will automatically follow. The circle never ends and we are looped in, seeking validation every time even if it’s for the sake of temporary winnings and happiness.

Sadly, “Self-acceptance” is the most underrated term in the picture. The idea of respecting ourselves and getting the fact that we are amazing in our own way needs to be prioritized. It is not equivalent to achieving perfection but an internal assurance from ‘Me to me ‘ that you are valued and loved!

Now, the question which pops in is: How do we exercise it?

A simple answer is in this world there would be definitely someone who may have an edge over us in some or other aspect. So, instead of comparison, we should try being better every single day. The immense satisfaction of growth diminishes the urge to get external validation. Also, it boosts the confidence within!

Let’s escape from this vicious circle of seeking acceptance and start working on ourselves. One life, let’s live it to the fullest!


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