Life can be challenging, and unfair sometimes. Don’t you agree? As you get older, you might feel that you’ve hit the rock bottom, and there is no way out. You feel that everything is at its worst and that you have failed. Giving up then is the only possibility you can think of. After all, we’ve all thought about giving up on a dream at some point in life, because the odds seem stacked against us. But let me remind you that what you feel is the end is not actually the end. When you think you can’t keep going, all you need to do is take the next step forward, only the next small step again.

That’s easy, right? Just one step. Even if you are tired and overwhelmed, you can take another step in the right direction. You don’t need to figure it out all at once. Just take a step. And then another step. Step by step, you can walk an entire road.

Not convinced yet! Okay, then let me tell you a short story.

Once upon a time, there were two best friends named Sam and Pam. Both of them decided to start a business together. Sam came up with a brilliant idea, and they both worked hard to make it happen. However, after facing major challenges and obstacles, Pam started losing hope and began to feel like they couldn’t succeed. What made him think so was that they were not getting enough return on investment (ROI). Their business’s slow growth made him anxious. So, he started convincing Sam that their idea was not going to work and that they should quit before they lose everything. He was constantly stressed and anxious, and couldn’t keep up with the demands of the business. Eventually, Pam gave up and decided to leave the business.

Sam, on the other hand, remained calm and unaffected by Pam’s words. He tried his best to keep encouraging Pam to stay strong and not give up. He reminded Pam of their shared dreams and vision, the hard work and efforts they put in all this time, and how they could achieve them if they put in the right efforts consistently. Sam never gave up on their idea and continued to work hard to make his dream a reality. He was disappointed to see his friend leave, but he didn’t let it affect him. He continued to work hard, and with the help of some new hires, he managed to expand the business and take it to new heights.

Months passed, and their business started to take off. They were gaining more customers and making more sales. The business was a huge success, and Sam became a well-known entrepreneur in the industry.

Years later, Pam saw Sam’s success and realized he had made a huge mistake by giving up on his dreams. He regretted his decision and wished he had stayed with Sam and helped him build their business. He realized that he had missed out on a great opportunity, all because he had given up too soon, all because he was more focused on the quick results.

From that day on, Pam learned to never give up and always keep trying, no matter how difficult things may seem. He realized that success doesn’t come easy and that it takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and dedication to achieve one’s goals.

Here, in this post, I am sharing major reasons why to keep going and never give up on yourself or on your dreams.

1. You Owe it to Yourself

You spend your entire day and night trying to accomplish your dream for others, but at the end of the day, you need to realize that you owe it to yourself to succeed.

At the end of your life, don’t you want to be able to smile, knowing you made a difference in the world and accomplished the very thing you were created for? If yes, then go. Right now!

Pick that dream up and work on it with full focus. You can give up at any time, but then your efforts will be wasted. Just take another step and keep going. It will all be worth it in the end.

It’s easy to give up when there is nothing at stake. But if something truly matters to you, you need to keep moving forward. When you’re in a swimming pool, the edge is always within reach. But you can’t give up if you’re in the middle and stop swimming, allowing yourself to drown.

2. There are some people waiting for your success

Because they believe that you are definitely going to succeed. They are your loved ones who want you to win. So, if not for you, at least for them, you need to keep going.

Your presence means a lot to so many people out there. They need you and love you, more than you realize. So, don’t put them down by putting yourself down.

3. You never know life’s surprises

You never know when the table can turn in your favor. In one moment, you can lose everything while in the other you can get whatever you want. That’s how unpredictable everything is. Things have a strange way of turning around, however, and usually when you least expect it. What’s impossible today might be attainable tomorrow or next week. The next door, the next opportunity, the next road might be the right one. You never know, and you will never know if you give up.

Don’t make excuses or try to convince yourself that you can’t. There’s always a way.

4. You haven’t come this far to only come this far

If you are passionate about something, you will do whatever it takes to accomplish it. You will go “out of your comfort zone”. You will work it to the point that nothing can stop you.

Just imagine how it would feel once you have achieved what you always wanted to achieve. Now, it’s your turn to turn that imagination into reality.

5. The journey is more important than the destination

There’s a lot that you haven’t experienced yet. You never know what you might reach unless you move forward. And as you move forward, you might have to work harder; take risks; endure loneliness; leave some things behind; make some difficult decisions; or perhaps be misunderstood, judged, or even criticized in order to achieve your goals. But it’s okay. Everything will be worth it. Because that’s part of your journey.

6. You won’t feel regretful

When we are young, we possess many goals, and we feel that everything is possible. However, as we age, most of those dreams get pushed away because of many factors like lack of time, energy, craving for quick success, and what not.

Yet, if you give up, you end up living an unfulfilled life full of regrets.

Giving up is easy, sure, but it brings no rewards and many regrets. And when you don’t give up, you might not succeed but at least you will be satisfied and happy that you tried your best.


No wonder, the world can be incredibly unkind, and hardships can make daily existence a struggle. Still, your tries are not useless. They are sure to be rewarded in the end. Just keep going, even if it’s hard.

It might be hard now, but it will all pay off in the end. Just keep going. Think that whatever you’re going through now will be temporary, but the results you achieve, your experience, and your strength will stay with you forever.

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