If you will ask me my favorite cricketer now, 10 years later, or even if you would have asked me 10 years before; my answer would remain the same and that is Adam Gilchrist. It doesn’t matter to me how great are the cricketers of this new generation or how would someone of the coming generation be. After all, I believe in the concept of consistency not only in particular but in general. Yes! Consistency is key.

Given that I have two choices of some TV shows to watch, I would rather watch the same show, the same episodes again and again rather than devote time to figuring out what I should watch next.

Consistent color dress (i.e. orange), consistent shows from the ’90s (irrespective of the brand new shows on OTT platforms), consistent songs playlists, and even consistent profile pictures on social media. In short, my favorites are constant or consistent (whether in person, place, or things). They can’t be changed, can’t be replaced no matter how much time changes.

Yes, I am consistently consistent with my consistency.

Not only with the above not-so-serious examples, but I am also even the same in my behavior or my qualities; from my childhood to my adulthood. And I don’t know till when will this continue. Some call me obsessed because of these qualities, while for others I am like stagnant water who is stuck or not willing to try new anything new. So, I am writing this article on 6th June (again my consistently favorite date because I have published my first article on this day only ) to clear all those misconceptions and discuss the real meaning of consistency me.

What I learn from being consistent?

After some self-reflecting thoughts, I felt that, in whichever aspect of my life, I have been consistent, it has always benefitted me; without any side effects. No matter in which area of life it is, whether personal or professional.

Firstly, I will discuss my professional life. Coming to, it is because of my consistent efforts towards writing that I am able to write more and more with each passing day. I believe consistency is the most important factor that you need, to deliver high-quality results in whatever work you do. One needs to commit to doing things over and over again to reap the long-term benefits. That is the reason we are taught to be consistent since our childhood only. Isn’t it?

Benefits of consistency:

On a professional level:

  • Consistency helps to identify our strengths and weaknesses. It allows us to figure out where we need more improvement in our works or tasks. When you work for yourself or own your own business, the need to be consistent is amplified even more.
  • You are more successful in achieving your goals because of your consistent perseverance.
  • It helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Small actions carried out repeatedly will amount to big results over time. When we do something for a long period, we differentiate ourselves from those who aren’t consistent. This can help us attract new opportunities that may not have been possible if we hadn’t been consistent.

On a personal level:

  • Your consistent efforts in a relationship (whether it is any relationship) develop trust between the members. It creates a balanced and healthy relationship.

Try ignoring or stop talking to your best friend for some weeks or months or years, and see what happens. You will get to know the effect of lack of consistency when those drifts created will hurt you more and more from time to time.

  • It builds self-control.

Consistency requires self control which means we don’t allow ourselves to distract and get off track.

Am I against change?

NO, definitely not! I also believe in the fact that “Change is the law of nature”. And one must change when the situation demands. Because Change is inevitable. But it’s solely up to us how we want to bring that change.

We must change our thoughts, beliefs, principles, or actions when that change benefits us. And even that change should be balanced with some degree of consistency.

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If you don’t like a cloth, you can change that; but if you don’t like a relationship can you change it immediately, without even giving a second thought? Just because you want some new adventure in your life?

Suppose you don’t like your parents because of any reason. Will you change your parents just because you want some change in your life?

Try sitting with your, that particular, close school friend. You will notice the same old happy vibes again.

I think some people, some emotions, some vibes never change; no matter how much time passes. Those are the healthy, consistent, and contagious vibes which we all crave for.

Final Thoughts

Consistency is all about commitment and dedication for me. My consistency keeps me happy. It is a source of stability for me. I can’t change my mind all the time. And that surely doesn’t mean I am stuck. If something makes me happy, then why should I change it and be unhappy? (On a larger and clearer note, that doesn’t mean that you must not change your bad habits just because you are happy with those habits of yours. NOT AT ALL.)

I believe you must change those old principles in life when they are not making you move forward when those false beliefs or actions are just draining the energy out of you. You must change when you strongly feel the need to change not just because someone else is convincing you to change.

Consistency is the key. So start being consistent in your life on a healthy note. And one day you will look back and be surprised by just how far those small but consistent efforts took you.

P.S.- This post is also a small dedication from me to the one who is my consistent favorite.

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  1. singhchelsea Reply

    And we know very well why 6th June of all dates is the favorite one. Isn’t it unfair to not mention at all about the ‘thing’ you are most consistent about?

  2. “I think some people, some emotions, some vibes never change; no matter how much time passes.” Well said and you are one true example of the same. Your consistency and dedication for the ‘thing’ inspire me. 😛

  3. Very well explained the meaning of consistency and its pros on the personal and professional growth of an individual. By the way the date 6th June, is it special just because you published your first article on this day or some other reason as well. Your viewers should know :). Well written Sweta.. keep it up.

    • Thanks for your kind words Shivani ❤️?.
      As far as the date is considered, well you know the reason, isn’t it??

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