No, it’s not about you. It’s about me. Because it’s me who always cribs about her job (especially her boss). It’s me who always cribs about the chaos and struggle in her daily life. It’s me who feels disappointed, drained, and exhausted most of the time because of the daily hustle and bustle. It’s me who feels adulting sucks most of the time. I even crib for about half an hour if I find something wasted in my kitchen like any vegetables that I cooked and that I was supposed to eat at a desired time, but for some reason, I could not. I crib over such issues that don’t make any sense to the world, like why am I not able to view moonlight in this never-ending cloudy weather of Bangalore? (Cribbing about traffic is common in Banglore, so why not crib about something else and something more resonating with me? 😜)

YES! These nonsense reasons fascinate me the most and motivate me to crib even more! And sometimes I really feel proud of myself because of such reasons.

frustrated girl cribbing about her normal days chaos

And then I realize that was not actually my cribbing rather, that’s more of my realization of responsibilities that came out in the form of cribbing. After all, if I don’t accept things in whatever way I feel, then what will help me in moving forward? Cribbing is nothing but my dumping of thoughts that clears my mind and inspires me to take the next step.

It was one similar day when I called my parents after returning from the office. I called to do the same thing, that’s cribbing about how bad my day was; how unhappy I was being overworked for the last three days continuously, and how drained I was craving for non-stop nine hours of sleep. And then, just after five minutes of conversation, all my crabbiness shattered into pieces.

My mother made me realize that what has affected me in the last six months of my job has affected my father for the last 35 years (even more!). He could have reacted the same way as I was reacting now. But he didn’t. His sense of responsibility was much greater than his uneasiness about work. If he would have kept complaining or given up on that time, how would things have turned out to be, I could not even imagine.

And now that I have grown up, and it’s my turn to fulfill my responsibilities, what am I doing? Only complaining! My mother never complained about doing the same household chores for the last 30 years; rather she does the same thing each day with greater enthusiasm, then why me?

Yes, your job may suck now, but trust me; unemployment sucks even more! I know because I have faced it. I agree that money can’t buy all the happiness in the world, but without money, you can’t survive. After all, you can’t survive by only being philosophical as that won’t pay your bills. And the job which you always complain about, that’s the source of your money, so better be grateful for it.

On that day my parents made me realize that even the sun can complain of rising daily and never taking rest but it doesn’t. It operates according to the law of nature. Then why can’t I?

The Reality

Life never gets easier; it’s us who have to become stronger. If we complain about each and every little thing, if we spend our entire day just cribbing out our problems, how will we even grow? How will we even be able to spend our focus and time on things that really matter the most?

It takes knowledge, maturity, and experience to realize that there is no such thing as the ideal life. We all have to struggle with our problems. We all crib for various reasons without any age barriers, and I am no exception. And frankly, I don’t blame myself for such cribbing. I won’t label myself as a complaining person; rather, I am the opposite of it. I practice gratitude more than ever. But not to deny, being positive does not at all mean ignoring the negative. After all, a Pollyanna attitude is a dangerous trait. Instead of denying my negative emotions, I feel much lighter and relieved when I accept those emotions, even in the form of cribbing. It works as a stress buster for me, especially when I crib about my problems with my best friend.

Chaos creates convenience too!

Chaos matters because within them lies an opportunity for growth. Everything comes with an inherent sacrifice. The job you take is the job that always stresses you. The same applies to any choices or decisions in your life. But that doesn’t mean leaving one thing for the other just because you are bored or fed up with the chaos. After all, most of the things which are quite interesting in the beginning end up being boring. Then what to do? Leaving is not always an option.

Anything you buy new remains new only for a few days after that it loses its shine. So what do you do then? Start cribbing again?

The excitement to do anything has to come from within. Because growth always lies in doing things that make you uncomfortable. How you survive your bad days is the only way that motivates you to survive even your worst days.

So, Instead of cribbing that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.

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