Choices. How many choices do you think you make every day? 50,100,200…or more?

Well, the answer differs from person to person. We are all constantly making choices – what we do, what we say, where we go. Even coming to this article was a choice you made. Even writing this article is a choice that I made.

While writing this article, I am looking at the ceiling from time to time and wondering what my life could have been if I had made some different choices. Different means different in every field; my perspectives, perceptions, attitudes, habits, and actions. The power of choice is the reason I am writing a blog now. The path I took, the people whom I choose to spend time with, how should I live, which principles to follow, whom to admire, whom to not, what should I do in my free time; the answers to all these questions is just one parameter. MY CHOICES!.

You see, how much our life is dependent on the choices we make. Maybe you are disappointed now with yourself or with others for the wrong choices you made. Or happy and proud that you chose to become who you are today.

Look at your life for a moment and see how your choices have created your current situation. Chances are that the choices you make, on a daily basis, are either keeping you from or moving you towards a better life, a more rewarding career, or the achievement of a lifelong dream.

So what is “The power of choice”?

The choice is having a clear understanding that when you are presented with any situation in life, you have the power to decide on how to react or respond to that situation. This is a kind of thinking with regards to the choice that involves your action and reaction. It also means utilizing your mental and emotional energy to live more deliberately according to your desires rather than letting fate and circumstances control you fully. The power of choice is the ability to select one thing rather than another.

As soon as we wake up, we start making choices. To work out now or not, to read a book or to check my phone first, what to cook, what to wear, what to do, how to finish my work, and the list is super-long.

Struggling to become a better version of yourself or to struggle financially forever, the choice is yours.

To be cheerful or to be grouchy, the choice is yours.

To complete your work or to procrastinate it further, to be kind or be arrogant, the choice is yours.

How is your attitude, an optimistic one or a pessimistic one; the choice is yours.

To feel sorry for yourself or to make self-care a priority, the choice is yours.

What should be your thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, character; the choice is yours.

To be satisfied with mediocrity or to strive for excellence, the choice is yours.

To recognize your accomplishments or to complain for your failures, the choice is yours.

You have the ability to choose freely what you no longer want to experience (for example- a toxic relationship) and also choose what you do want to experience in your life.

You get to choose to be ordinary or extraordinary, to be the one who looks for a job or the one who provides a job, to be strong or adopt a victim mentality, to believe in yourself or to be criticize yourself, it’s always you who gets to choose.

Types of choices

Our choices just like other characteristics can either be good or bad. The bad choices are those choices that end up with a negative result while a good choice has excellent consequences. Each choice that you make has the possibility of leading you closer or farther away from the pinnacle of your goals.

No matter what’s the direction of those choices for an individual, one thing remains constant and that is they have to live with the choices they have made. As a result, they’re now enjoying the benefit of making good choices or suffering the pain of making bad ones.

So, what choices are you making?

No wonder, some of the keys to your divine destiny include making sound decisions, understanding your power of choice, and adapting to those choices. The cold reality is the life you’re experiencing right now is the result of choices you’ve made in the recent or distant past.

Some choices we have to take happily or unhappily. But you cannot keep on making the wrong choices day after day that will bring you into the wrong circumstances at the wrong time with the wrong people. So learn to reevaluate your choices; the choices that will bring life, happiness, and joy into your daily lives.

Now if anyone says that I didn’t have any choice, so I took this or that decision, then I can’t agree to it. Because the decisions you make are the ultimate output of again your choices. It all begins with your very own power of choice.

I believe the only thing or areas where this power doesn’t work is the TIME you have in your hands and the people whom you come across throughout your lives.

Like you can’t choose a particular way to die, a particular time to die (unless it’s a SUICIDE of course! Also you can’t be 100 percent sure that you will die definitely after such an attempt). Similarly, you can’t choose your parents. But you can definitely choose how to live each day of your life to its fullest or how to deal with those same people you come across.

Similarly, many situations may not be in your control like the sudden appearance of a virus like COVID-19 or an earthquake, but how you respond to those is definitely your choice.

Your Life Is Choice Driven and this incredible power of choice can change your life completely.


Choices are powerful. We can change our lives when we are conscious of the choices we make. So, choose well. Be honest with your choices and hence with yourself. Learn to take ownership of your responsibilities.

No matter what kind of choices you are making, either major or minor, those choices are creating your life map. Not only this, but those choices can impact others significantly too.
So, make your choices deliberately. Make better choices and get better results.

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  1. I LOVE this post and I reference this mindset all the time. I like the phrase “choose your hard” – life is hard, but you can choose which hard you want to tackle. Great read!

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