As we live and grow, we discover more about ourselves. And we find out, even more, when we often reflect on our choices, decisions, and actions. And as the year is about to end, I thought of writing down my reflections for this year again.

1. Screwing up is a part of the process.

Starting with this, because this is the most common one.

It’s okay to mess up. You can’t avoid failure at any cost. You can either gain lessons from it and move forward or keep cribbing about your chaos all the time, the choice is yours. If you’re too afraid of failing in front of others, you can’t possibly do what needs to be done to be successful in your own eyes. You have to remember that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail or how messy your journey is, so long as you do not stop taking small steps forward.

2. Life isn’t a race, it’s a journey.

And so you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Enjoy the journey by paying attention to each step. Don’t rush through your life and miss it. Forget where everyone else is in relation to you. This isn’t a race. You get there a little at a time, not all at once. Your journey is yours alone so appreciate yourself for how far you’ve come.

3. You are stronger than you think.

Moreover, you can manage and deal with all the chaos of life effectively. On particularly hard days when I feel I can’t endure, I remind myself that I have done it before, and I can do it now too. Moreover, no matter how bad the situation is this too shall pass.

4. Materialistic things don’t matter that much (not to me at least)

I am more fascinated by sitting alone on a weekend evening, glazing at the starry lights and moon, and appreciating the nature around me than to go for shopping or parties.

What matters more is having the strength of one’s character, an honest heart, and a sense of self-worth.

5. You cannot control everything that happens to you.

Sometimes I feel I have lost a great amount of time (and money of course) in doing things in making choices that were not meant for me. I regret those choices that I made. but then I realize it’s okay, at least I got some experience, even if that’s a bad experience. I had put so much effort into one plan and it ended up not working out, so I decided to build back on something new instead of falling apart.

So even if you regret some of your life choices it won’t solve your problems. Your peace is more important than driving yourself crazy trying to understand why something happened the way it did. Let it go.

6. Don’t let others control or manipulate your emotions.

Inner peace begins when you take a deep breath and choose not to allow others to drain your energy. Why allow a single reason to make you sad when you have some 100’s other issues to solve and at the same time many important reasons to be happy?

7. You don’t always get what you want.

And you should be okay with this. Whatever is done is done, it’s over. Now don’t brand yourself with those old labels. Keep moving forward.

The secret to peace is letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be, and making the best of it.

~Marc and Angel

8. Sleep is the best remedy.

The more frustrated I am, the more sleep I need to recover myself.

9. Adulting sucks (most of the time).

Adulting is more about responsibilities and less about having fun. Living your life on your own terms is not as easy and as cool as it seems to be. You miss that freedom and dependency on your parents, always.

10. Just one reason is enough.

To change your day, to change your vibes, to change your life. The rest of the things don’t really matter if that one reason matters so much.

When you feel you can’t do it, know that you can do it all through one who gives you strength.

I have given myself so many deadlines, and so many projects which at a point I thought I couldn’t, but I completed them successfully just because of that one particular reason who gave me that strength. While the mind always had the questions, the heart always had the answers.

11. Everything can be changed except our passing and growing age.

The same applies to our parents, elders our loved ones too. So never hesitate to take care of them. Never miss any chance to make them feel loved, special, and appreciated. Because life is so unpredictable and tomorrow isn’t promised.

I release all things from this year that caused me stress or any negative vibes, and I am ready to welcome new lessons, new opportunities, and new adventures.

Dear 2024, please be good!

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