Let me introduce you to two women of the same age who are in the middle of their ’20s. I will name them A and B.

A wakes up regularly with a lack of enthusiasm to face the new day ahead of her. She spends most of her time being controlled by her difficult circumstances, excuses & a victim’s attitude. While on the other hand B actively takes steps to create her desired outcome of the goals she had set, irrespective of her circumstances. She also encourages others despite her overwhelming adversities. While A is worried about her career, work-life, finances, relationships, etc because of her continuous failures, B tries to always maintain a balance and so focuses equally on each area like family, work, fun, self, etc. Life for B is a daily adventure filled with mixed emotions of gratitude, laughter, fun, achievement, failures, or success. While life for A is filled with anxiety, uncertainty, boredom, and aimlessness.

It’s not difficult to decide now that out of both A and B, who is living her life to the fullest, or without any regrets?

What does it mean to live life to the fullest?

Living life to the fullest has nothing to do with being a millionaire or the topmost executive in any organization. It has nothing to do with your educational qualifications or your materialistic possessions. Rather, to live life to the fullest is to dwell in the satisfaction that you love your life irrespective of its ups and downs. It is to persevere despite severe challenges, to be grateful despite lacking, and to maintain integrity and empathy for your people despite your differences. It is to live in the constant optimism that no matter how bad or difficult things are today, the sunshine of the coming day will definitely bring with it the hope that things will be a lot better; that no matter how badly you fail, still a lot is left for you to do or to achieve.

Living life to the fullest is:

  • Appreciating the little things that come your way.
  • Being realistic about your life involves accepting your emotions equally, both positive and negative.

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  • It is to know yourself, your abilities, talents, strengths, weaknesses and what you are capable of. In other words, it means listening to your inner voice and relying on it.
  • It is your ambitions and goals that make you sweat a little bit more, that make you push yourself a little higher than where you are now.
  • It is letting go of the past, stop worrying about future and accepting your present moment to its full.
  • It means to never give up or stop believing in yourself.
  • Becoming aware of your day-to-day thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors i.e a better self-awareness.
  • It means having satisfying relationships that are healthy, motivating and nourishing.

Your definition of living might be quite different from what I discussed above. For some, it can be their most awaited foreign tour while for others it can be a sweaty hour on the yoga mat. On a personal note, spectacular sunset, magical rainy days, an afternoon nap, or my ME-Time in the lap of nature is my definition of living my life to the fullest.

Well, whatever the definition may be, only you know what it means to “live”. Only you know whether you are just existing or are you living each day, each life experience to the fullest?


There is a difference between living your life and just surviving your life. You need to make sure that you are truly living rather than merely existing. Aspiring to live each new day with full zeal, energy, or enthusiasm is truly living life and not just existing and surviving. We can’t deny the obstacles we have to face from time to time, but we can definitely choose to meet those as well with expectations of finding solutions, rather than just complaining about our problems.

You might have a big wish list that you want to do during this lifetime. What are you waiting for? Do them now, one by one. You only live once and you must make it count rather than wasting your complete life waiting for the perfect time to live your life to the fullest.

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