How it all started?

I was always fond of reading books and writing but never knew that I could write any online blog post.

Thanks to my friend and also the founder of this wonderful platform, Arvind, who out of fun, I guess, asked me to write one day. I was a hobby blogger by the time I joined Talking Concept. And frankly speaking, I knew nothing apart from expressing my views on paper. The concept of SEO, Adsense, Keyword Research, and affiliate marketing all seemed like French words to me. But deep down in my heart, I knew I wanted to do this and be a part of Talking Concept.

So, out of fun and excitement, finally, my first post was published on 6 June 2020. And from then, this never-ending journey of learning and growing started.


Here is a list of some of the valuables that I garnered during my blogging journey.

1. There is something new to learn every day and it never stops

For any blog, organic traffic and user engagement are more important than anything else. So, I learned a lot of skills along with so much research, to get this part right. For the first few months, my focus was only on building quality content for my readers and getting them ranked on the first page of the search engine.

blogging flowchart

Apart from creating valuable content for readers, blogging also involves promoting, networking, content marketing, and figuring out the right tech stuff. Yes, it took time, but I learned every aspect gradually. On a regular note, there are more things to learn and skills to polish. This blog taught me to learn something new each and every day.

2. You need to keep moving forward irrespective of your failures

You can not get rid of problems, no matter how hard you try.

Not getting enough visitors per day, struggling with link building and keyword research, or fixing those annoying problems at bay after subsequent server software updates are some of the most common problems bloggers generally face. Honestly speaking, after publishing 5 posts, I finally figured out how SEO works. Not only this, many a time we get stuck between the content creation and content promotion trap, especially when you are a beginner with a small team.

But these problems always taught me to keep moving forward and never give up.

3. Be Patient, Be Persistent

There is a reason why 99% of blogs fail in the first year. The quicker you expect the results, the more the chances of your failure. Many people start blogging on a really enthusiastic note but lack the patience to continue it for a longer time. They want quick results which is next to impossible, especially in the case of blogging.

REMEMBER! Rome was not built in a day!

If you want to be a successful blogger, then it requires constant efforts and consistent posting of articles. You have to try a lot of experiments either with your content or for promotional purpose; because you need to figure out what works the best for your audience.

If you don’t have the patience for the long haul, then SORRY! blogging is definitely not for you. No matter you accept it or not, blogging takes time. Not only the time for writing content but also the time for your blog to grow and prosper.

4. Strive for continuous progress than for perfection

Designing the perfect LOGO, MENUS, pages, photos, content, brands, etc for your site is a challenge. But I believe perfection is an illusion. Perfection doesn’t exist because there is always room for improvement. Continuous progress is important, doesn’t matter even if it’s only 1%. If you are making progress every single day in all your site-related work, I believe by the end of a year, things start improving by many times.

5. Your competitors are your teachers

It’s not necessary that you will always be full of ideas or topics to write about. In these situations, your competitor bloggers may help you. From their experiences, you might get an idea what is the new trend in the world of successful blogging, or which posts your audience wants.

Never hesitate to take inspiration from them. But remember, being inspired doesn’t mean copying their content. NO, a big NO!

6. It’s the little things that matter the most

Hitting your first 1000 page views, ranking on Google, being appreciated by the person who matters to you the most, getting constant support from your loved ones, your first earning from your own blog- this complete list of things can provide you with that level of happiness which you could never expect.

Every little success seems so new and so refreshing. Each effort counts. Each comment on your post encourages you to work harder. It’s important not to forget where you started, and appreciate how far you’ve come.

And I think we have the right to celebrate each success, doesn’t matter how big or small.

7. Stop Procrastination, Stop Overthinking

“Who will read my blog’?

“Will it be successful”?

“It’s so risky to invest in a blog”.

student thinking

These are often the thoughts that arise in one’s mind before starting a blog. Not only for the blog but also holds for other reasons. We don’t just think but overthink each and every little thing. Then, how can blogs be left behind?

In my opinion, if anyone is genuinely passionate about writing, these thoughts would not at all be a bothering factor for them. They will get the driving force to start or continue blogging, irrespective of other stuff.

As far as a blog is concerned, whether it’s setting up your site, writing content, optimizing your sites for search engines, social media outreach, making your own brand, etc. you will always have some work pending on your plate. You just can’t delay that work more by procrastinating or overthinking about them. Rather, you must adopt several tactics to finish your work in a proper manner.

8. Don’t neglect the importance of ‘TEAM WORK’

Starting a blog is easy, continuing it is hard. And to continue, you need some helping hands, no matter how intelligent you are. Yes, people are important and a team of the best people is a must for a successful blog. You’ll go faster and achieve more if you support and collaborate with others.

team work in blogging

I am so fortunate, as herein Talking Concept, a small but dedicated team of friends are always there to help and support me with my work.

9. Not as easy as it seems

A ‘6-minute read’ time article requires many hours of hard work preparing it. Few topics require a lot of research behind the scene. Each article before being published is reviewed multiple times by the team.

Still, that’s not enough. The article needs to be molded in such a manner so that it ranks higher in Search Engines. And when the need arises, pictures are completely designed by us. Moreover, handling social media pages all at once is again a major job itself.

what I learned from blogging

Nothing worth doing is ever easy.  If it were, everyone would be doing it!

10. Just be yourself

The contents which you write should reflect what you truly are. Write by genuinely feeling what are you writing. Just commit to yourself and gradually you will notice that you have developed your own style of impressive writing.

There is a long way to go

A good thing about Talking Concept is that it is an open platform. This means anyone who is passionate about writing and wants to reach people through it, can be a part of the Talking Concept.

It is slowly becoming an amazing platform to share knowledge and learn new things from others. So, whenever you feel the urge to write something, feel free to share your articles with us.

Success is an endless journey. Once you are on the track, you never have to stop.

After spending such a huge time to blogging, all I can say is “BLOGGING IS INCREDIBLE”!


A lover of nature, reading and writing

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