This article is my official 100th post here at Talking Concept. The happier and more satisfying thing for me is that I am publishing this article on the same day I published my first article 2 years back on 6th June 2020. And the only thing that has inspired me in this journey is nothing but a heart fully committed to my goals of writing that also on a consistent basis.

It’s true that this journey was not an easy one. But, I feel relieved and accomplished at least for now, that I could complete my commitments on time. There were no imposed deadlines on me by others, but YES! I had set deadlines for myself. And now I became a lot more sure that it was the right choice that I made. That’s when I also realized why setting deadlines for yourself is too important. And why my next post must be about commitment. So, here it is.

The Concept of Commitment

If you commit to nothing, you will be distracted by everything.

Commitment is a discipline, a mighty force. It is a powerful internal statement of intent. It’s a promise that you make to others or yourself that allows you to focus on only that particular goal without splitting your attention here and there. Commitment is when your actions are aligned with your words. It makes you more focused. It develops unfettered confidence in you when you are finally able to complete your commitments.

A heart fully committed can face positively any challenge, growth in dignity, and success, without wavering despite the temptations or turbulence on the path. When you are committed, you are no longer driven by the world’s tentativeness. It’s just your goals vs you, nothing else. You don’t just drift along according to your convenience, rather you stick to your task and follow the required path to the end. You will do what actually needs to be done in order to reach your desired outcome, without quitting. When you have a heart fully committed, you are willing to overcome all obstacles to keep that commitment.

What does it mean to be committed?

Committed does not mean being “interested” or just “trying”. It means to be responsible, to be dedicated, and to be loyal to a certain cause.

To be committed is to express our diligence toward something.

To be committed is to make an unchangeable choice about something and stick to it.

To be committed is to do and to keep doing, and to keep improving until completed.

To be committed is to be consistent.

One person with commitment, persistence, and endurance will always accomplish more than a thousand people with interest alone. Moreover, it’s quite easy to change directions and go the wrong way or give up. But what’s difficult is to get committed to a particular goal and get going even after failing again and again.

We often say that we are committed to something, but do we?

Is it commitment or is it just excitement for a short span of time?

Or chances may be that we are keen, desirous, and curious but not truly committed. Because once you truly commit to doing something you unleash a powerful set of forces within yourself. You have a strong intention to work towards your goals. And because of such strong intentions, your unconscious will work at a task without you even being aware of it. And you will find yourself making great progress with your goal.

If emotions come and disappear quickly, without sticking for a longer period of time, then how can you expect to be able to continue?

Commitment is always for a longer-term, not just a come-and-go emotion, like many others.

What needs to be taken care of more?

Commitment requires mental energy more than just hard work. And you need to use it carefully to get the best from it. When you choose to dedicate your time, energy, and money to a goal or a person or a cause, your expectations naturally raises. But you need to be well aware of the fact that applying commitment unwisely can have unintended consequences. Examples of such consequences include low self-confidence, an overwhelming struggle of completing your task, and the uncertainty of the results.

But you need to understand that a commitment is not just all about pain and sacrifice. Being committed dedicates you to something intellectually or emotionally, like a person or a cause. So the effort you put forth to achieve the desired goal speaks of your honesty, courage, passion, preparation, persistence, relevancy, and dedication. These features are a compelling mix of ingredients embedded in the commitment process that gives the power to those who work towards their commitments.


Before any action comes a commitment. And for turning your dreams into an accomplishment, you need to take action. Only dreaming won’t work! And in order to take the right actions, you need to convert your outer goals into inner commitments. For example, I committed something to write 2 years back and now I can see the results I am getting, the results that I have always desired.

At last, I would only like to add that “When you say something, mean it, and make the effort to keep it. That’s what a heart fully committed does.

Be committed to everything that you do. Because when one is committed one is in their own Power. And when one is in their own Power, then one is in charge of their own thoughts, choices, and actions in life.

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