Have you ever come across people with whom you always wish to get rid of?

Your answer might be not one or two, but many of such people. Do you know the reason?

Maybe because of their wrong deeds or irritating actions or some weird behaviors. Have you ever been involved in a conversation with someone and felt a knot form in your stomach?

This knot was telling you that this person is negative and may be draining your energy. In short, we can say that they have a weak aura which makes them a little more unpleasing.

What causes weak auras?

A person with a weak aura is usually someone who is always argumentative in regards to his opinions and ideas. There is a high possibility that a person displaying a negative attitude may be suffering from anxiety, fear, or depression. And, it is coming out as toxic behavior towards others, even if that is not the intention. It’s not like that negativity is a personality disorder for them, it’s just that they don’t know how to get control over this behavior so that it can’t harm them or others around them.

Characteristics of Weak Aura

As we know, every person has a unique aura that reflects his current condition. Some people have an undeniable presence around their surroundings which makes their aura strong, while those with negative or weak aura are often denied by others.
People with negative auras tend to be self-promoters that drive others away from them, and those with strong negative auras may be evil. It is also possible that negative or weak auras can become parasitic and can actually steal energy from those with strong and positive auras. Apart from this, a person with a weak aura possesses some or most of these signs, as discussed below.

1. Negativity is their best friend

With negativity being their best friend, their other friends include worries, overthinking, and procrastination. Such people are energy suckers. They will suck your time, attention, and energy as they proceed to drag you down the negativity spiral. A negative person’s aura has the capability to drain the positive person’s aura of its energy and light. The positive person will feel it when it happens – they may feel more tired or weaker, their mood may lose some sparkle, or they may get a feeling of uneasiness or anxiety, after being influenced by a person with such a weak aura.

2. They complain a lot

It might be because of their belief system or because of their current hardships, but they keep on complaining most of the time. They will keep crying about their unsatisfying jobs, relationships, and social status. Little achievements mean nothing to them.

It’s often said that our world is a mirror of what we think of ourselves. Such a person with a weak aura thinks of themselves as always a victim. They think they are usually the victim of terrible traffic, a difficult boss, miserable luck, and also their upbringing. They always feel as if they are never good enough. Because of this complaining nature of theirs, they always remain unsatisfied, mentally tired, and unhappy with their lives.

3. They don’t value others

They use people only for their selfish needs when it’s convenient for them. Once it’s done, they just don’t care about that person anymore. They are neither empathetic nor cooperative. Do you remember a single instance when a person of such kind has helped you, ever? Or a single trait of theirs that you think can inspire you for your betterment?

4. They are unable to see things from the perspective of others

They can just tell you why your vision is wrong and they are right. It’s quite difficult for them to keep themselves in someone’s other shoes. When you ask them for alternatives to any circumstance or problem, they rarely have original or well-thought-out ideas. All they know is a lot of energy-draining statements and ideas.

5. They are never excited about anything

You will never find them excited about anything. Be it a family vacation or a night out with friends, be it enjoying a funfair or just a normal birthday gathering. They will keep showing their anti-social, judgemental, weird, and depressing attitude each and every time, at every place.

I don’t support the fact that people with anti-social skills are bad or weird, but at least you should have some general courtesy and etiquette when you are around a lot of people. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how reserved or unsocial you are, that just does not justify your actions when it comes to being people around. How much does it cost for just a smile, that a reserved person can’t even smile too?

6. They constantly look out for danger, fear, or bad news

If you know any such person you will realize that for every solution they have a problem. If everyone is enjoying at a beach, it’s them who will at first point out that it’s a lovely beach but there are always too many people around.

7. They have trouble maintaining relationships

When you refuse adjusting and acceptance in any relationship, there are chances that the relationship may degrade or fail. Even if it’s a friendship if you are the always one to talk, help or care first, that friendship may not last long. Such is the aura of that person that can’t maintain a relationship properly too. The lack of understanding and trust between two persons creates a drift in no matter of time and so the relationship, no matter how strong or close it used to be, starts degrading gradually.

Final thoughts

A person with a weak aura can mess up their own lives as well as that of others. No, they are not bad by their nature. It is also possible that they might be quite gentle at heart, just a little weird. In that case, they should try a little more to be open-minded. And if you are among such people, there is quite a probability that even you have hurt someone unknowingly because of your toxic talks or actions. Don’t you think it’s the right time to seek an apology from them or try to be a little more optimistic about life?

Good luck!

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  1. Very nicely written Sweta. One more point I would like to add, such kind of person will call themselves introvert but they actually don’t know the meaning of this word and justify their negative attitude with a mask of being introvert.

    • Rightly said Shivani. That’s nothing but a misconception related to introverts, which people like them have created. They will always justify their actions in the name of being introverted. But that’s not true. A person can both be an introvert and can have a strong aura too.

  2. As a “weak aura person” when I speak about negativity with others I look for comfort and understanding. It’s my default behaviour, and the trait I’m often looking in others. I also can feel bad from overpositivity, feel to having to put a positive mask and “be”, look, happy when I’m really not, which is EXTREMELY draining.

    I dislike this post as it’s inventing some labels around extremely sensetive topics that might cause misjudgement and harm. As I said, being that way, I mostly look for understanding and as I noticed a very long time ago most of my surrounding people that are stick with had problematic or just straight bad families(like me), had or even still having major life issues(mental ilnesses, substance abuse…), and in some sense it’s maybe like having a therapy group to share things about your problems.

    • I have never supported the ever-happy, always-good vibes, positivity trap. I am against that Pollyanna type of attitude. Instead, I feel one should start accepting negative emotions more often rather than denying them. But if others start feeling low because of your ever-complaining attitude, then it’s your time to think a little more about it.
      Seeking comfort and understanding, when you feel low is okay but make sure that comfort should not be at the other person’s loss. Moreover, as you said regarding the mask of that positive attitude, being positive doesn’t mean ignoring the negative. It implies overcoming the negative with all your strength. There is a big difference between the two.

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