We can’t deny the fact that we look at our phones or tablets or screens more often than we need to. We use them even at those times when we could be making some meaningful conversation with others, with our environment, with an activity, or with the present moment like eating mindfully (without any involvement of screens). Yes, we have been trapped in this game of mindless scrolling.

How to know if a person is scrolling mindlessly?

  1. Your pending work remains pending because you have a limited time which you waste mindlessly scrolling over other important stuff.
  2. You constantly develop the urge of F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out) and feel depressed because of this.
  3. You feel more isolated in spite of being more connected.
  4. Anxiety and Comparison Trap have become your favorite companions.

Although these devices are essential and now are on the verge of becoming a basic need too (especially after COVID-19′), they also have negative effects on our attention, equilibrium, and social skills. Because of this, unplugging becomes necessary from time to time. Unplugging or digital de-cluttering helps us to reconnect, focus, and calm our minds.

This article presents 50 such things or ways that you can try instead of checking your phone continuously. So, here are the ways that will let you know how to stop this mindless scrolling.

  1. Find a book you have been searching for.
  2. Make your bucket list.
  3. Write, write, and write; whatever thought comes to your mind.
  4. Clean your room, bed, office desk, kitchen, cupboard; anything.
  5. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and relax.
  6. Go to your favorite spot in your home or office and sit still.
  7. Observe your surroundings, the people, the trees, and the animals all around you.
  8. Talk to a child. Little toddlers can teach you many lessons that you might have been forgetting all these times.
  9. Look at the mirror and talk to the person you see.
  10. Dress in your favorite colors.
  11. Notice nuances all around your homes.
  12. Do now what you keep saying you ought to do someday.
  13. Allow your feelings to come and go. Embrace your emotions, whether positive or negative.
  14. Replace something worn out. Get rid of things you don’t use now.
  15. Find serenity. (You can never find serenity if your eyes are glued to screens every second.)
  16. After dinner, go for a walk and look at the stars, the moon, and the sky.
  17. Talk to your parents about the good old days.
  18. Think about your most cherished possession and be grateful for it.
  19. Research your options for something you don’t know how to proceed on, rather than spending meaningless minutes scrolling mindlessly. If you are using your phone, use it for your benefit.
  20. Cultivate inner peace by self-examination.
  21. Punch a punching bag. If you don’t have one, your pillows can do the required role.
  22. Look for inspiration in every little action of others around you.
  23. Help others.
  24. Give random compliments, as it can make someone’s day.
  25. Cook your favorite dish. And if you don’t know cooking, then it’s time to try and explore.
  26. Think less, do more.
  27. Introspect. But do not overthink.
  28. Visit an N.G.O. or orphanage or old age home.
  29. Make a list of your accomplishments till now.
  30. Write a letter to your younger and future self.
  31. Try something new.
  32. Teach yourself a new skill.
  33. Count your blessings.
  34. Listen to your inner voice and follow it.
  35. Write an appreciation note for your favorites.
  36. Plan an adventurous trip.
  37. Take a nap. (Sleep more instead of using your phone more.)
  38. Figure out what work you’d like to have completed six months from now.
  39. Do nothing sometimes and be still.
  40. Listen to what other people want without reacting, objecting, arguing, fighting, or resisting. And then analyze.
  41. Write a thank-you letter to someone who influenced you.
  42. Dance alone, sing along with all your enthusiasm, no matter how much you suck at these.
  43. Steam your face over a pot of hot water.
  44. Practice self-care.
  45. Complete your pending projects.
  46. Do something you haven’t done in years.
  47. Reminisce.
  48. Figure out your priorities.
  49. Look for the silver linings in all the clouds in your lives.
  50. Make endless lists of things that are on your mind.

It feels much better and more rejuvenating if we slow down, self-reflect, pay attention, be awake and aware, and become comfortable with silence, solitude, and unfilled time. After all, there is much more to this world to explore, learn, and achieve.

So, it’s high time to enjoy getting (re)acquainted with the world outside your phone!

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