Have you ever felt strongly that something is the right or wrong decision? It’s that time when you don’t care about any logic anymore because deep inside you know that whatever you are feeling is only true. That’s what is known as vibes or intuition or gut feelings. You must have also heard people saying to always trust your vibes. But why?

Have you ever thought about what’s so special about these vibes? Why should you trust your vibes?

What are vibes?

Vibes are nothing but your inner voice i.e the consciousness of your heart. It is that energy that allows you to concentrate only on the present moment. It’s that strong feeling that you feel when something is wrong or maybe just opposite of it, or when you feel like that guy you just met is a creep. It’s the process of coming to a conclusion without realizing how you got there.⁣

Imagine feeling extremely happy suddenly without any reason. As if you want to be happy at that time, but you don’t know why. After some time you get a call and good news from somewhere, which further increases your happiness many folds. This is something which I have experienced many times.

You are glad you relied on your vibes even if you don’t know where it came from. These vibes are the source of your enthusiasm and power. Your vibes are sudden and overwhelming sometimes. They are usually reliable as they are the manifestation of your subconscious mind, which comes into effect from all the situations that you experienced in past, as per research.

How to identify your vibes?

It is our inner compass that guides us when we are lost in the dark forest of our life problems. Each one of us has that energy, that light inside us. If someone’s vibes are high we say that he or she is likely to be warm, friendly, and full of energy and life. On the other hand, low vibes mean feeling down in life or being prone to anxious thoughts, overthinking, having a fear of something, etc.

Here are 5 reasons why you should always trust your vibes:

1. It leads to better self-awareness

Your vibes support your emotions and calm your anxious and uncertain heart. When you trust your vibes, you feel more synchronized with the circumstances around you. You find creative answers to all your questions, leading to better self-awareness. It brings you peace of mind and shows you how to live in a higher and more harmonious way.

2. Vibes protect us from difficulties

I remember an incident as depicted by my friend. Once, he was driving at late night. It was dark all around. Suddenly, he got an intuition and he started driving towards a particular side of the lane. In no time he realized that thankfully he got rid of a massive pitfall, which he avoided by not driving straight. He was glad that he relied on his gut feelings at that time.

Our vibes let us know where to go, where not to go, who to talk to, and who to stay away from. It protects us from difficulties, of which we are not completely aware.

3. It helps to disappear your fear

Often, when we come across any fearful situations, like walking alone on our way home from work or a night out or feeling insecure about a particular person, it’s at that time these vibes matter the most. It gives us the strength to face any fear confidently, that comes across us.

4. It helps you make the right decisions at the right time

When it comes to life decisions that involve a lot of feelings and heart, for example, relationships, only you know what’s in your heart. Your vibes help you avoid unhealthy relationships. You just need to believe that you have all the knowledge and experience you gained all this time that is needed to make the right decision for you. It helps you make decisions quickly and allows you to adjust according to the required conditions.

5. Trusting your vibes means trusting in yourself

Your vibes reflect your mind and energy, which says a lot about your thoughts and intentions. If you get a bad or uneasy feeling about a particular person or situation, there is a high probability that you are right. Though you can’t be 100% sure, you can’t neglect it too.

You begin to feel more confident when you trust your vibes. It strengthens your belief system and also gives you mental stability.

Final Thoughts

In my own experience, anytime I’ve been in a situation where I just didn’t get a good feeling about someone, and I couldn’t explain why, and in the end, I turned out to be right.

This powerful link between the heart, gut, and mind guides us, but only if we have the courage to trust our intuition. Trusting your vibes is an act of self-care, and ignoring it is an act of self-betrayal. Moving in the direction your vibes are guiding you will always keep you on the “right path”.

How have your vibes affected you? Do share with us in the comments.

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    • I understand Anviksha, we often face trouble while choosing one path, over two choices. And there is a possibility that, so called ‘right path’ in the past, does not ends well now.
      The actual point is not about choosing the rights and the wrongs of the path. Bad decision in the way is somewhat inevitable, isn’t it! But the main point is even if you are in the wrong path and faced its consequences, Do you continue to be fearless, courageous and can maintain calm state of mind? And do you have the power to return yourself to a better state?
      No one can decide whether a particular vibe is completely wrong or right unless they have walked some steps in that path. All you need is to be a curious person and learn from your experiences.
      Hope it helps.?

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