Do you know someone whose presence is charismatic? Or someone who is so lively that everyone loves to be around them? They have an undeniable presence in their surroundings, which is effortless. They have certain qualities that make them more alluring to others. What is it exactly that makes them so?

The answer to this question is their strong aura.

An aura is an energy that surrounds you. In other words, it is the vibrations that people feel when they are with you. Often, auras show our present mood and state of mind. Many times, you might have noticed that you always enjoy the company of a particular person irrespective of your moods. Because somewhere deep inside, you know that their aura is sufficient to make you feel good. Their strong and positive vibes make them naturally charismatic to others. As a result of which, they tend to be more successful in getting support from other people.

Here is a list of some of the signs which show that you are a person with a strong aura, and people like you more than others because of these characteristics.

1. Confidence

Our society today has produced a lot of people who lack confidence. We aren’t sure how to stand tall, how to believe in ourselves, or how capable we are. However, this should also be noted that your self-confidence is your most attractive quality. This is the characteristics that allow you to know your worth. When you are confident enough, then people start believing in you more. They trust in your values and principles. But for this to happen, you must believe in yourself first. Your confidence gradually becomes unshakable when you start believing and investing in yourself in a continuous manner.

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2. Optimism

If you can see everything in a positive light, if you are just allergic to negative thoughts and emotions; then there is a high probability that people love to be around you. Your hopes and vibes are the sources of energy for others also. You concentrate more on the solutions than on the problems. You can make anyone hopeful through your affirmations and positive vibes.

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3. Enthusiasm

A person who is always in high spirits and who can get excited even for a little thing is a person with an energetic and strong aura. They don’t get tired easily because their vibrations are high. Such active and energetic personalities have the ability to find happiness even in the smallest of things. They don’t just sit lazily, procrastinating their To-do lists. Rather, they remain active and enjoy their life to the fullest, living it enthusiastically.

We all love such contagious vibes, isn’t it?

4. Playfulness

As we grow up, we get surrounded by the uncertainties and adversities of life, because of which our playful nature automatically fades. But then, there still exist some people who can uplift you by their playful nature, amidst this commotion of hopelessness and despair. They can make you laugh and full of joy, not by cracking some silly jokes, but by their outlook towards life. Life becomes much simpler if we can see it from the perspective of a child.

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Hence, it becomes important to keep the child within you alive, if you want to be a person whose aura should be inspiring for others. You need to maintain that spark of playfulness in you by doing what you want to, without worrying about what people say because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter at all.

5. Gratefulness

A person with a strong aura is more grateful and less complaining. They appreciate more and believe in counting their blessings rather than cursing the circumstances. During any type of conversation whether relaxed or social or confidential, they know how to respect others’ opinions often forgetting their own ego.

6. Cheerfulness

How do you feel when you are around a smiling baby or child?

Their strong aura is because of their playfulness and cheerfulness. Their smile is a stress-reliever indeed, that wins our heart by making us feel good about ourselves. The same behavior is seen in a person with a strong aura. Their cheerful personality becomes a magnetic personality.

Research shows that people with a great sense of humor are healthier, more creative, and more admirable. When you stand behind such a person, you feel that you can even conquer the world with their attitude towards life. This is again because of their contagious vibes or strong aura. They know how to make the other person feel important, respected, and liked, thus making them very flexible, friendly, and cooperative in return.

7. Compassion

A person with a strong aura is in no way related to being selfish or arrogant. They are kind, compassionate, caring, and supportive to others. Sometimes, they also go out of their way in order to help others. They don’t expect anything in return. They help because they really want to help.


The one thing that matters more than your resume is your “Aura”. People may forget how you look or how successful are you, but they never forget the vibes they experience when they are with you.

A person with a strong aura is the most interesting person you can find in any group. Their aura is captivating and contagious. They have the power to uplift and energize the people with whom-ever they come in contact.

If you are also one of those who possess the above qualities, then YES! you have an outstanding personality because of which you are more likable than others. Wherever you go, you influence your surroundings with your strong aura. Just be yourself and keep yourself sparkling all the time, while being the sunshine for others too. Be the source of joy and happiness for them as well as for yourselves.?

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