Creating positive energy around you or operating with positive vibes becomes quite complicated when you come across emotions of despair, struggles, and adversities. During such tough phases or pressure of your responsibilities, you can even face an emotional and physical breakdown, either because of your emotional triggers or overwhelming thoughts. And to avoid all this, re-creating positive energy becomes necessary.

A lot has already been written, spoken, or mentioned everywhere, about the power of positive thinking or why it is essential. So, here I will get straight to how to create positive energy around you, more importantly, the energy within you.

1. Don’t take things personally

Someone criticized you for your poor choice of clothes which are neither branded nor expensive nor modern. And it degraded your vibes to such an extent that you kept on feeling bad for the next 3 days. Not only this, you took many quick decisions like never talking to that person anymore or not wearing that dress again, no matter how dear that dress is to you.

This is the problem we often face when we take every comment on us to a very personal level. What others say or do is never because of you, it’s always because of them. The way they talk to you or treat you is a projection of their own realities, thoughts, actions, or habits. So, be immune to this concept of opinion overload and believe in yourself, your choices, and your decisions.

2. Focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t

When you get recognition and appreciation for your good works or talents, you feel more motivated and excited to continue your good work. It is important to increase your confidence. And when you are confident enough, you can even tackle difficult tasks easily.

3. Don’t be too hard on yourselves

It’s okay to make mistakes, to mess up, to feel down, and to cry. But you need not punish yourself for these weaknesses of yours as first of all those are not the weaknesses. Those are the shortcomings that you can work on and improve to be better than what you are now. Those are the only factors that allow you to grow, build, and prosper.

Accept your weaknesses and your negative emotions. Take your time to learn from them, as that is required for your healing, and then get up again.

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4. Change your environment

The environment that hurts you can never heal you.

Our environment influences our well-being and affects our overall health to a much larger extent. That is the reason that the place where you live should always be encouraging. Your homes and working environment should be arranged and sorted out to create positive energy. Make sure that there, your environment is clean and organized and that energy can flow freely throughout the room.

5. Say “No” to Energy-Drainers

To be more opt, say “NO” often to the energy vampires in your life. If you keep absorbing negative energy from those energy vampires or toxic people around you, there is no way you can create any positive energy for yourself. Moreover, no matter how positive or optimistic are you as a person, their negative energies are sometimes sufficient to drag you down or make you feel drained and demotivated. It’s like a war between optimism and pessimism.

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6. Spread the love

  • Give genuine compliments. You never know how your one compliment can make someone’s day.
  • Practice random acts of kindness like helping the poor or sharing your meal.
  • Show your loved ones that you genuinely care for them, adore them, and are grateful to have them in your lives.

Knowledge, love, and happiness are the only things in this world that get multiplied when you know how to divide them that is share them among others. So, never hesitate or miss even a single opportunity to do so.

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7. Pray more often

God is my best friend. I don’t know about yours.

When you feel like your situation is beyond your control, pray and surrender to God. Scientific research shows that prayers boost positive energy by reducing stress and promoting health, vitality, longevity, and prosperity.

Whenever you feel like you are a lot more complaining than you should be in general or your stress level is at a peak, just stop. Be still. Plug into the ultimate power and recharge yourself.

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8. Stay around positive people

People with a strong aura have the capabilities to make you smile, even when you are not even willing to. Their vibes are so infectious. They help you move forward with the required momentum.

Already, there is a lot of negativity in the world, and choosing positive energy allows you to deal with your problems effectively. So choose your people wisely.

9. Bring plants into the home

Plants are the promoters of feelings of peace, serenity, and positivity apart from being just home decor. Moreover, you feel connected to nature even in the hustle and bustle of life just by looking at the greenery of those plants.

10. Find something that lights you up (Manifesting Positive Energy)

Feeling frustrated?

Scream as loud as you can, when you are alone.

Feeling bored?

Do something that boosts your creativity. (Here is the list of 35 such productive things that you can do).

Keep a collection of memories of when you felt happy, appreciative, and cheerful. Meet some happy friends and joke around with them; laugh about life and yourself. Anything will work as long as it recharges you. Reminiscing on those happy moments gives a balanced perspective on your situation. You realize that what appears negative today will surely change tomorrow. Moreover, that also works as a source for you to generate positive vibes.

11. Unplugging to recharge

In this world of digitalization where 70 percent of our time is just screen time, feeling sluggish is the new normal. As a result of this, we are always prone to fatigue. Not only this, but this is also the cause of about 90 percent of the negativity in our lives which is developed because of the race to be successful first. It doesn’t matter what are you in real life, but if your social media timeline is filled with achievements, then you are successful, otherwise, you are struggling. (I don’t but many others think so)

Disconnecting with technology or taking breaks from the screen, from time to time can help you recharge yourself, physically and mentally. You need to disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself.

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No matter how wealthy, happy, or successful you are, you often come across negative emotions in the form of adversities, challenges, and struggles. You fall down, you mess up, things don’t work as per your wishes and then you gradually feel trapped by the negativity.

It’s not so easy to think about what you want and be positive when you don’t have a lot of things to be positive about. But one thing is for sure, you need to keep going. Always remember that nothing stays the same. And this too shall pass, no matter how depressing it might seem now.


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