Life is full of simple pleasures. Those are the little satisfying effects you never really anticipate, but always take great pleasure in. It is also said that the little things matter the most. Unfortunately, those same little things get ignored the most.

So I am penning down this list so that I can see it again and again and could be reminded how blessed I am especially when I feel down or stuck. This list is not just for my dear readers but more as a reminder for me. A reminder to count my blessings and cheer myself up. A reminder of happiness, a reminder of hope. Note that this list is not in a prioritized manner. So let’s begin.

  1. Starting with the almighty first, when God answers all my prayers. And a simple thanks would not be enough for this precious pleasure of my life.
  2. Watching a baby smile. And when she holds your fingers in her little hands, that is complete bliss.
  3. Eating ice-cream. (anytime, anywhere)
  4. Spending time with my family.
  5. Pulling cheeks of my father (because he is damn cute just like a teddy bear).
  6. My mother’s cooking. ( Every single time)
  7. A tickle and pillow fight with my brother.
  8. The comforting sound of my father’s bike pulling into the driveway when he finally returns from his work.
  9. Making someone smile, either through your sweet gestures, helping and supporting nature or humorous comments.
  10. My comfortable bed after a busy day. (even on normal days, nothing can provide me as much comfort as my bed).
  11. A dance workout.
  12. The playlist of my favorite songs on repeat.
  13. Going out for a walk.
  14. Watching the same tv series which I used to watch when I was 10 years old.
  15. Animes! Yes, I am an anime nerd.
  16. My crush’s DP. (If I would start elaborating it, a further list of 100 can be prepared!)
  17. Finding creative and innovative ways to appreciate and thank my favorites.
  18. Appreciating myself sometimes for my craziness.
  19. Orange dress, orange accessories, and other stuff, even one of my USB is orange because I am obsessed with orange.
  20. Watching at old happy photos.
  21. When someone appreciates my cooking.
  22. Getting drenched in rain.
  23. Walking barefoot in the grass.
  24. An afternoon nap.
  25. Reading books, poetry, blogs, Shayari.
  26. Writing. (That’s what I am doing and enjoying)
  27. Creating memes which are mostly on myself or my few favorites.
  28. Creating weird passwords for my accounts online to make me smile
  29. Gossiping with my best friend. We are never out of topics.
  30. Enjoying in my own world of imagination.
  31. Watching cute little pets and finding awe in them every single time.
  32. Climbing up to my building’s terrace and looking at the stars.
  33. A short walk at night after dinner.
  34. Laughing at my own jokes and logic for no stupid reasons. (Yup, laughter is indeed the best medicine).
  35. Sunsets fascinate me always.
  36. I am also a “Moon-Lover”, who gets amazed by a bright full moon.
  37. Decluttering and organizing my home.
  38. Getting some bubble wrap and pop every last bubble of it.
  39. Travel.
  40. Enjoying the medley of a wind chime
  41. Smelling candles and incense sticks
  42. Hot shower in winter
  43. A nice breeze blowing my hairs.
  44. The sight and sound of beach waves.
  45. Cleaning my room while putting my headphones and playlist on.
  46. Connecting with nature.
  47. Completing my deadlines.
  48. Unexpected happiness and surprises.
  49. Sleeping while listening to the sound of rain on a rainy day.
  50. An ice-cold glass of water when my thirst is on heaven’s level.
  51. Arriving home after a vacation while being tired.
  52. Reminiscing about old times with my closest friends.
  53. Getting that most awaited wish, present, or presence on birthdays.
  54. Remembering how blessed and equipped I am.
  55. The final moments of untangling a really big and hard knot.
  56. The smell of new books, crayons, and petrol.
  57. Saying the same thing at the same time with my best friend.
  58. Dangling my feet in hot water.
  59. Laughing so hard till the time when there is no sound of my laughter. (A rare but much special moment).
  60. When I manage to squeeze out the last amount of toothpaste from that tube.
  61. Oiling my hair and massage which I get from my mother.
  62. Finding something after looking forever.
  63. Getting a window seat while travelling.
  64. Appreciation through eyes when not through words.
  65. Multitasking while brushing my teeth and moving round and round the house.
  66. All the firsts that is my first visit to my favourite destination, my first paycheck, my first crush etc.
  67. The group photos of my college fresher’s/farewell. Moreover it carries the bittersweet emotions that rushed throughout my body on that particular day.
  68. Crying- as that is required for healing.
  69. My college roommates.
  70. Feeding pets with my own hands.
  71. Seeing two elderly folks who are madly in love.  It’s a sight of love that has surpassed the tests of time.
  72. The excitement of swinging on a swing as high as I possibly can. I love swings.
  73. The tears of happiness.
  74. A good photograph of a special moment. That’s how a moment becomes a memory for a lifetime.
  75. Stretching or Yoga or Exercise.
  76. Watching greenery in nature.
  77. Having a picnic and bonfire with my friends.
  78. Learning something new each day.
  79. Daydreaming.
  80. Cooking especially when I am stressed. (Indeed, it is one of the best stress-relievers.)
  81. A clean and clear work desk with little plants and books on it.
  82. Seeing my savings account grow.
  83. The satisfaction of finishing my work on time.
  84. Being weird and crazy.
  85. Involving in any social work like donating clothes to the needy.
  86. Being alone. ( YES, introverts rock!)
  87. Days with no work to do.
  88. Walking on the sands of a beach.
  89. The breeze on my face while driving or traveling.
  90. Stepping on a pile of crunchy leaves.
  91. Getting a makeover.
  92. Reading an all-consuming novel or action-adventure or mind-blowing thriller.
  93. Unconditional love and friendship.
  94. Playing my favorite games.
  95. An AHA or eureka moment.
  96. Perfect timings.
  97. Hugging loved ones.
  98. Shutting down my laptop after work.
  99. Solving a problem.
  100. Finding money while doing laundry.
  101. When someone appreciates me for my blog.
  102. Seeing others happy.

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