“Who Moved My Cheese?” by late Dr. Spencer Johnson is a book that talks about the importance of change in our lives and also how should we deal with that change. The author in a very simplified and beautiful way explained “Change” through a short and interesting story.

The main characters in this story are two little mice, named Sniff and Scurry, and two little people, named Hem and Haw, who look for their cheese constantly. The “Cheese” here is used as a metaphor for whatever we are looking for in our lives. It may be our career, relationships, hobbies, or anything that makes us happy. And the maze where they live represents the world where we, the humans live.

One fine day, the mice and little people set off for their cheese only to find that the cheese isn’t there anymore. The four don’t know who moved it or where it’s gone – it could be anywhere in the maze. How each of them reacts to this “unforeseen” situation, is what this book is about.

In the story, the mice are described as simple creatures who rely on their instincts to make a decision. When they come to know that their required cheese supply has been reduced, they quickly chase around and through trial and error, they seek to find more, by accepting that change. In contrast to that, the other two people are described as complex and thoughtful creatures. When they are faced with a loss, they are less willing to face their realities. Moreover, they become more disturbed when they see any change. In the end, they realize some basic truths about change, or what Spencer Johnson calls “the handwriting on the wall”, which are described below:

1. Change Happens

Just like the cheese keeps on moving, in the story in the same way change happens, being a part of this dynamic world. Things happen differently. You may be at a loss today, but you never know when this loss can get converted into your profit. On the other hand, you may have a good job now, but you may get fired from the job in a slow economy, through no fault of yours.

2. Anticipate Change

Get ready for the Cheese to move.

Now that you already know, that you can’t deny the change, what you can do is be ready to anticipate the change and deal with it.

3. Monitor Change

Smell the cheese often so you know when it’s getting old.

You must monitor your environment by paying attention to the corresponding changes taking place. For example, when things slow down or you see a decrement in your graph of progress, take the necessary actions immediately. Keep noticing small changes early so that it can help you to adapt to bigger changes that are to come.

4. Adapt to Change Quickly

The quicker you let go of your old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese.

If the Cheese starts to smell and you are aware that change is coming, then get ready to make your move. Don’t just keep grieving over your loss, but get onto the next new thing. When the mice faced a loss of food, they didn’t take too long to start chasing around to look for a new food supply. They adapted quickly and instinctively. And so should you.

5. Change

Your old beliefs can never lead you to new cheese.

Don’t let your beliefs hold you back. You just have to let go, and accept change. If you keep dwelling in the past, you can never move ahead. If you do not change, you can become almost extinct.

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For example, if you lost your job, don’t waste a lot of time blaming yourself or others. Rather, you can invest that time in looking for new opportunities. That’s how things work.

6. Enjoy Change

Savor the adventure and enjoy the taste of new Cheese.

This is easier said than done for most of us. Change can be hard. Moreover, the more important your cheese is to you, the more important you want to hold on to it. But unless and until we try to move in a new direction, we will never be able to find our new cheese.

Like if you find yourself out of work, it might be time to switch careers or learn a new skill. This may be hard to do. however, when faced with the need to change, try to make the best of it. In most cases, you will find a new job or a new opportunity where you can once again enjoy things i.e the “new Cheese.”

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This book attempts to answer various questions.

Which of the mice or little people are you similar to? Are you simple-minded and uncomplicated like Sniff and Scurry? Or complex and complicated like Hem and Haw? Are you ready to accept change? If yes, then how do you manage that change? What would you do if your cheese was moved? And the most important question is, are you ready for the day your cheese moves? Because whether you will like it or not your cheese will definitely move.

In that case, will you panic and give up like Haw? Or will you analyze the situation and take control like Hem? Or will you just move on to new cheese like Sniff and Scurry?

Read the book to know the answer to these questions. And be always ready to look for more Cheese.

Good luck!

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