Does your heart skip a beat as soon as you hear a calling bell, a lot of noise somewhere, or an unexpected appearance of a person? Are you considered to be an arrogant and rude personality because of your silence? Are you often fed up with the infamous “aur bata, tu bata” concept of the people around you? Do you prefer spending time alone than with a lot of people?

If your answer is YES to the above questions, then you belong to the very famous family of INTROVERTS.

An introvert is a person who is quiet, prefers some alone time or with a couple of close friends, and prefers calm environments. They tend to enjoy simply thinking about and examining things in their minds. Introspection is important to introverts, so they often devote a great deal of time in order to learn more about themselves. 

Jenny wakes up in the morning and observes that there are guests in her house. She doesn’t want to receive any panic attacks by talking to them. So she decides to sleep again. Yes, Jenny is an introvert.

8 Signs of Being an Introvert

  • Their phones, headphones, laptop, internet, and a single room are their survival kits. Earphones are the most precious jewel to them.
  • They are deep thinkers and observers. They always wonder why human beings cannot keep to themselves and why they keep poking their noses into someone else’s business. For example, if you are an introvert, who is traveling by bus or train, or flight, you would really wish the guy sitting next to you just mind his own business.
  • Introverts have a small friends circle with a maximum of 5 people with whom they share everything and act like extroverts with them.
  • They don’t like posting details about their life on social media platforms. Scrolling the news feed silently without liking or commenting on any post is all that they know in the world of social media. They are not at all bothered to change their social media profile picture for years.
  • Phone calls are nothing worse than a nightmare for them. They prefer texting over calling that also with specific people. Cheers to the person who invented different emojis!
  • Unconsciously, they always wish that the tour or any outdoor plans with their friends or colleagues get canceled.
  • Their crush remains a crush even after 10 years. And believe me, you won’t find a better stalker than an introvert.
  • They don’t give a crap about what society thinks of them. They are happy in their own imaginary world. Having open and active imaginative skills is a beautiful ability – one that introverts are blessed with.

Benefits of being an introvert:

  • Introverts are secret keepers. (Who are they going to tell anyway?)
  • They are not dependent on others for any sort of entertainment. They’re content with their own company.
  • They tend to think more deeply, even if they can’t always express those thoughts well in words.
  • They excel at the art of observing people and their environment.

Some common myths about Introverts (Along with their realities)

There’s somewhat of a negative stereotype around introverts. Here are some of the myths which they often come across along with the truth behind those misconceptions.

  • Myth: They don’t have any friends.

Reality: It is true that they don’t have many friends, but it doesn’t mean that they always like to be alone without any companions. They have little interest in shallow relationships. They are selective about who they will let into their world so the relationships introvert forms will be more cherished and nurtured into something meaningful. As a result, they surround themselves with people who are loyal and trustworthy.

  • Myth: They don’t want to go out because they are people haters.

Reality: Introverts value the comfort and privacy of their own personal environments, which may lead them to stay indoors more than other people. They usually don’t mind going out – but it just isn’t necessary for them. They value their alone time more than anything else. It’s true that they don’t like being around people but it doesn’t mean they don’t like any person at all.

  • Myth: They are so quiet.

Reality: Quietness does not equal stupidity, neither does loudness equal intelligence. Their quiet approach towards life isn’t a flaw, rather it is a blessing.

Silence is beautiful, not awkward. The human tendency to be afraid of something beautiful is awkward.

-Elliot Kay
  • Myth: They are extremely shy.

Reality: It’s true that many shy people are introverts. They are only reserved, not shy. In other words, they like to keep things to themselves instead of involving themselves in other’s affairs. The difference between a shy person and an introvert is that shy people are scared of social contact, while introverts aren’t.

  • Myth: They are depressed and lonely.

Reality: Just like depressive people, introverts can come across as being quiet and detached. But they are not the same. The essential difference between depressed people and introverts is that introverts are happy and complacent in their quietness, whereas depressive people are dissatisfied with their quietness. After all, being alone is not that lonely for an introvert. It’s something they enjoy the most.

Be alone—that is the secret of invention: Be alone, that is when ideas are born.

– Nikola Tesla
  • Myth: They are boring

Reality: Just because they don’t feel comfortable going to parties with drunken people and a bunch of noise, it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun or they are boring people. They enjoy their life equally investing time in their hobbies and passions.

  • Introverts are usually labeled falsely as people who don’t like to speak or who have nothing to say. The truth is, they just speak selectively. If too many people are present, introverts usually have a hard time getting any word in, so they decide to remain silent instead. There’s no point voicing a well-thought-out opinion if it will fall on deaf ears.

Moreover, introverts don’t like small talk. The whole “How are you?” “Where are you?” “What are you doing?” “What’s going on in your life these days”? chitchat is worthless to them. They get the satisfaction of having a meaningful conversation with someone without having to fill the empty space with chit-chats. Moreover, asking an introvert to talk more is equivalent to asking an extrovert to shut up.

Being an introvert, what are the other misconceptions you have come across in your daily life? Do share with us in the comments section.


Here the question is not about who is better: introverts or extroverts; as the world needs both of them. To be clear, I am not at all criticizing extroverts. I have just focused on the introversion aspect here in this article.

Just because many people think so, being an introvert isn’t an illness. It’s simply a type of personality, just similar to that of extroverts.

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.

– Albert Einstein

An introvert thrives in the inner sanctuary of the mind, heart, and spirit, but shrinks in the external world of noise, drama, and chaos.

Happy Introverting!


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