An awareness of the energies around you and being able to understand your own energy field is a significant step towards self-growth. Your aura is your energy field, so you need to protect it and maintain it on a healthy note. Also, since your aura is extremely sensitive, powerful, changing continuously sometimes strong or in high vibrations, while other times extremely down or low vibrations, its protection becomes important.

There are numerous ways to protect your aura. But here we will see the most uncomplicated and easiest ways which anyone can adopt.

1. Be aware of your environment.

Your environment consists of two types of people. One who always motivates you and pulls you up, and the other, the very toxic people who drag you down. In other words, the first category of people is the one with a strong aura and the second category is the one with a weak aura. Be very sure of what and who you accept in your life because the people around you play a great influence in developing your character too. Trust your vibes, the vibes you get from any person, place, or thing.

2. Avoid emotional pollution

Your energy follows your thoughts. When you have a good day, you feel more energetic and happier than that on a stressful day. Moreover, your energy plays an important role in determining how productive you are. Hence, it becomes essential to concentrate your energy on healthy habits and things rather than wasting it on energy-draining habits.

You need to identify the source of harmful or weak auras and start distancing yourself from them. A lack of proper sleep, a poor diet, a toxic environment, bad habits such as smoking, poor relationships, lack of exercise, or a chaotic lifestyle are the sources of emotional pollution for your mind. Knowing which of these affecting you the most and taking the necessary steps to combat those can help you to clean and protect your aura.

3. Breathe and Meditate

What you believe about yourself works the best for you, no matter what type of beliefs are those-positive or negative. Try to maintain a positive outlook towards life. Taking long breaths and meditation can help you with this. Meditating frequently can free your mind of any negative thoughts and emotional states, thus keeping your aura strong in the process.

A detailed Meditation exercise to protect your aura

4. Nature’s cure

Have you ever felt that a short walk can make your anxious mind calm? Or whenever you are so stressed with a lot of things wandering on your mind, a walk is recommended. That’s nature’s cure to heal your aura. Observing the components of nature from time to time is highly effective. Just give it a try!

5. Get Ten Minutes of Sunshine Every Day

According to medical experts, even ten minutes of sunshine can boost your energy levels instantaneously. Our body needs sunshine to produce adequate levels of vitamin D that helps in elevating mood and creating more energy. So go and enjoy the sun, whenever you get the chance to feel rejuvenated. And Yes, ten minutes of sunshine will not lead to skin cancer, so you don’t need to worry about it.

6. Remove the Clutter

A disorganized life is a stressful life that weakens your aura, thus degrading your energy non-stop. When you have to take care of so much stuff at a time, it’s natural that you will lose a great amount of energy. Therefore, de-cluttering becomes essential.

Removing clutter means getting better at the organization of things. It means an office desk that only has those items that are essential for the job to get done. It means a neat and clean bed so that you can sleep well. So, if you don’t want to waste your energy on unimportant things, it’s the right time to declutter now.

You can also try a minimalistic approach towards life, in order to declutter.

7. Make Self-Love a priority.

To be emotionally and mentally stable, to live life to its fullest, to find inner peace and contentment, and to take proper care of yourself you should love yourself first.

8. Let go of things which you can’t control.

Most of us hesitate from letting go. We hold on to things so tightly, even to the things that didn’t work out. Such things weaken our vibes. We start feeling low because our energy level decreases.

Move on from people or opinions that don’t add value to your lives.

Move on from negative self-talks and limiting beliefs.


When your aura is healthy, clean, and strong, it actually empowers you. Most of us can not see your aura, but we can definitely feel it when it is strong or weak, high or low. Or whether it needs to be protected or not?

The above suggestions are not a complete cure, but only a way to help you channel your inner strengths and build a better outlook on life and other people.

Good luck!


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