Prayers are mighty and influential. It brings peace to our minds, solutions to our problems, hopes in times of despair, unexpected miracles, and whatnot. Still, I struggle to pray some days. I know I will be making a lame excuse if I say I didn’t get any time to pray because of a busy schedule. After all, if something is important to me, I will definitely make time for it. Moreover, if you are an atheist then neglecting prayers is not a big deal for you. But, being a devotee of God, I should pray more because I believe in God more. Furthermore, when I review the reasons why I should pray more, I become more motivated to talk to the almighty. And so, I am penning down some of those reasons here.

1. Prayers make you humble when you are in a grip of arrogance.

As the mysteries of our lives unfold, we notice that our journey gets more challenging. As a result, most individuals tend to go through intense emotions of anger, despair, lost love, relationship issues, unforgiveness, emotional triggers, and many such negative emotions. During such times especially, when we shift our focus to prayers, we feel connected to God as well as connected to the inner soul that makes us a humble person.

But should also be noted that prayers ought not to always be for fulfilling our selfish needs, but they should be more as a thanksgiving to God. And this gratefulness helps to strengthen the relationship between God and us. Just as constant communication is needed to nourish your relationship with your loved ones, in the same way, this consistent communication in the form of prayers is needed to nourish your relationship with God.

2. You find a way even when there seems to be no way through believing in your prayers.

God always makes a way for you even where it appears that there is no way. He is supreme, so his plans are supreme. And to get in touch with the supreme, prayers are the easiest way.

There can not be something more meaningful and intimate than prayers. Moreover, prayers don’t require any money, rank, specific gender, age, caste, creed, religion, specific nationality, or language. All it requires is just your beliefs. So believe in your prayers.

3. Prayers give you the strength to tackle your problems.

Most patients who have gone through their journey of cancer have started believing in prayers, no matter how as person they were, before this phase.

Have you ever come across any situation where just when your journey seems too difficult, and you think you can’t continue more, you get help from somewhere? Or something is always present to guide you towards your betterment. No matter how bad your problems are, each time you face them, you get up and become stronger. That’s the power of the almighty and that’s why you should pray more often.

You don’t have to worry when faced with disappointing situations. Rather you have to believe that God hasn’t abandoned you. He is always there to show you the light. As you follow the light, you will note that your path will get brighter and brighter.

4. Prayers make you more spiritual.

Neither do you have to be a religious person nor do you need to visit a religious place to do a prayer. After all religion and spirituality are different. You might be both religious and spiritual, but if you are spiritual then it’s not necessary that you will be religious too. This is all about honest spirituality and true prayer is free from all of this.

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Most prayers are about our inner self and our life as a whole. Through prayers, we ask for our safety and recovery from our triggers and shift our focus toward spirituality.

5. Prayer changes you for good.

Prayers can change people as well as their circumstances. It’s not where you are that matters, it’s where God can take you and what he can do for you.

Always keep on praying along with taking the right steps in the right direction towards your goals.

Do you know why?

Because God’s goodness can change your biggest problem. And even if that change may not be sudden, it may be time-taking, but it’s always worth it.

6. Prayer brings peace.

When we pray, it’s not just about supplication. It must also include appreciation and thanksgiving. A life full of prayers leads to a holy life. Because of God’s divine presence, we feel more content and peaceful.


It doesn’t matter what life circumstances you’re going through, good or bad. No matter how many setbacks you’ve suffered, how many tears you have shed. You may not understand everything you are going through right now. It seems like things are getting worse, not better. You find everything and everyone against you.

Still, there is one constant companion who is always with you and that is God. Miracles do happen by praying, at least I believe it because I have faced it, not just once or twice but many times. That is the reason I trust him always, love him always, praise him always and enjoy his presence always.

Keep praying!

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