There is an old saying that states that you can’t love others if you can’t love yourself. But have you ever thought about what makes you fall in love with yourself? Or, are you too busy with the other stuff around your surroundings that you often choose to ignore yourself?

These kinds of stuff include your career, job, family, relationships, and many others. And when it comes to ignorance, you get so involved with that stuff that you don’t get time for your health (both physical and mental), your hobbies, and the so-called “Me time”, which is as important as the other factors, but you often neglect that. The question is but why?

Why are we always hard on ourselves?

Why do we often let our inner critic perform the dominant tasks?

Loving yourselves has become a pretty hard task to achieve these days especially when you are an adult occupied with a lot of responsibilities from everywhere, but you need to know that it is the only key to your happiness.

Here, we are discussing 10 reasons to love yourself for exactly who you are.

1. Love yourself to prioritize your happiness

We always look for happiness everywhere, without realizing that it comes from the inside. No one can make us happy and feel good until we ourselves decide to be happy. Your happiness should be your priority.

Be happy for your good thoughts, behavior, actions and character.

Be happy to think about all the beautiful people in your life.

Be happy about yourself, to think about how wonderful are you.

2. Loving yourself allows you to become the best version of yourself

The only person who knows you the best is none other than you. You don’t need to waste your energy trying to live up to what somebody else wants you to be. Your life is not your 9 to 5 job and others’ opinions are not your Boss, whom you have to report for every work you complete. Just be yourself.

3. Loving yourself provides mental stability

Mental health is one of the most trending issues of today. People are prone to depressing thoughts and emotions which affect their mental health in a direct or indirect manner. Loving yourself reduces your chances of becoming depressed and sad because at that time you are focusing on self-care, not on self-harm.

4. It gives you some time for self-reflection

When you try to spend some time alone, then only you come to know about your true self. That is the perfect time to reflect on your thoughts and actions or a time for self-examination.

You often make mistakes. And you must be ready to accept the fact, that you made mistakes at those times. If you are no longer screwing up and making mistakes in life, you will no longer continue to grow.

5. Love yourself to boost your confidence

Confidence is your opinion of yourself and your abilities. Self-love allows you to know and use your strength, which boosts your confidence.

6. It helps you to identify your life purpose

Most of the great ideas are born when you are introspecting or spending some time alone. That is when you realize what is important for you, what you like or dislike about your life, and many such in-depth analyses of your emotions.

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7. Love yourself for your uniqueness

You need to understand that there will always be someone better, happier, prettier, and smarter. You don’t need to be them, you need to be yourself.

Whatever paths you chose, someone will hate you. Only be certain, that someone is not you.


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8. Love yourself to recharge yourself

We often don’t find time for ourselves because of our hectic job schedules. Moreover, most of the time we may not be able to stop ourselves from getting a little down. We can’t control our thoughts. However, we can do our best to control how to deal with those thoughts. Either we can let it destroy us, or we can try to curb those thoughts and think more positively.

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That is the time when loving yourself does magic and helps you to push yourself through difficult times, and get back to the right track again.

9. It enhances your ability to forgive yourself as well as others

We can be kind to others, forgive others, love others but to ourselves, we are always hard. We are our biggest critics. Why is it so?

If we can punish ourselves for any wrong deeds, why don’t we take time to appreciate ourselves for any achievement, doesn’t matter how little it may be. After all, an achievement is an achievement.

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When you invest some time in self-love, then you become more kind, empathetic, and forgiving; both for yourself as well as others.

10. It teaches you to be grateful at all times

No matter, how bad or impossible a situation may seem, there is always something to be grateful for. It’s only self-love that teaches you to be more grateful; grateful for your body, mind, and soul.

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To be clear, loving yourself doesn’t mean acting selfish or not caring for others. It also doesn’t signify pampering yourself while looking in the mirror and thinking about how captivating your new dress is. Rather, it signifies accepting yourself despite your faults or imperfections. It means taking equal care of yourself as you would take care of your loved ones. It means giving you more value both in your good as well as bad times.



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