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About Sweta

Having a degree and doing a job is merely not enough for success (which is measured by others who have nothing to do with our life). There is another dimension of FULFILLMENT, which is an internal parameter that mostly comes from making a difference in this world.


After completing her graduation in Electrical Engineering, she looked forward to Talking Concept as a mere medium of pouring out her thoughts. But gradually she realized that it’s much more than merely being a hobby. It’s her happiness as well as satisfaction.

In a world full of chaos & materialism, she tries to pen down some of the most important yet ignored aspects of life through the lens of spirituality and personal growth. She is fond of reading and writing articles about personal development, happiness, life, and other optimistic emotions.

Considered by her friends as a person of strong aura, she is a highly enthusiastic personality who is always high on life. She considers herself a forever student of life and learning, who is on a quest to improve her life as well as enlighten others through her piece of writing. At times when she is not working on her article, there is a high probability that she must be sitting in the lap of nature, enjoying the sunrise, sunsets, rain, or watching clouds.


For any queries, suggestions, or anything you want to know or say about Talking Concept, send her an email at sweta@talkingconcept.com. She will be more than happy to help.


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Articles Published

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